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Altio is an investment house leveraging tech to invest in tech

We use hybrid intelligence combining human decision-making with AI to deliver exceptional performance

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for accredited investors only*
Invest in tech with Altio and choose between a fixed income or a total return payoff
from 6% to 100% return depending on your preferred level of risk
low volatility
low max drawdown
full alignment of interest
*Accredited investors are defined as either professional investors or high-net-worth individuals

An Innovative Approach to Investing

Altio constantly screens long term secular trends and identifies clear winners. It then uses its proprietary technology to time its investments optimally, taking advantage of liquidity flows & detecting changes in market sentiments early-on

Our Inspiration

We are avid readers at Altio. This helps us everyday to improve our understanding of the world and refine our method. Along our journey, we got the chance to discover truly inspiring figures who shaped our thinking:


Our Momentum Engine

A prominant historian, Oswald Spengler examined civilisations by looking at a great diversity of signs (i.e. art and state forms). Similarly, our momentum engine Oswald, is named after him and looks to find correlations across a wide range of different variables to make sense of the market


Our Investment Process

When Pierre Bourdieu combined statistical methods with sociology, he transformed his field forever. He emphasised social structure and symbolic order, arriving at a holistic understanding. Combining our fundamental approach with momentum analysis allows us to achieve a holistic view of our portfolio


Our Fundamental Philosophy

Inspired by emerging research and questions about x-rays, Marie Curie decided to pursue her thesis on Uranium rays, leading to the discovery of radioactivity. Curie’s tireless curiosity inspires us to always investigate phenomena that we do not understand. Leaving no stones unturned is the surest way to success

Our Insights

Do Companies Have a Choice to be Sustainable? 

There’s a lot to critique about greenwashing and ESG, but, do companies have the choice to not be sustainable? In this article, we look at the 7 reasons companies can't opt-out of sustainability.

AltioTake (August 2021)

In August, we covered: cloud infrastructure growth; crackdowns on Chinese tech; Google's undersea cable; EA's accessibility patents

AltioTake (July 2021)

July 2021 saw London break VC investment records, Tribe project emerging technologies in fintech, Netflix announce gaming, and right-to-repair regulations announced.

AltioTake (28 June - 2 July)

Visa-Tink deal; Virgin Galactica; "Etsy of Brazil"

AltioTake (21-25 June)

VR Advertising; Tesla Supercharger Silk Road; Beyond Podcasts with WaitWhat

AltioTake (14-18 June)

Facebook smartwatch; EU-US Tech Council; Flying Car Racing

AltioTake (7-11 June)

Fleeting Ads, Supersonic Aircraft, Bosch's Semiconductor Factory

Who Would Win? Sustainability Edition

Can you guess which company has the higher ESG score?

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