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AltioTake (19-26 Nov.)

Vaccines; SpaceX; Cashless Payment; Teams; EdTech

Is Value Investing Losing Value?

We discuss and critique value investing and offer a holistic solution for the tech sector.

AltioTake (12-18 Nov.)

Moolec Molecular Farming; London Impact Tech; Klain as Chief of Staff; Africa-Based Tech Investment; Electric Ford

How to get rich with tech (but not die trying)

So you want to join the 21st century by investing in tech, but you don’t know where to begin?

AltioTake (26-30 Oct.)

Emerging tech ecosystems; electric vehicles; NimbleFin startup rankings; real-estate disruption; freelance work

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About Us

Altio is composed of fintech and asset manager entrepreneurs who love investments and technology. We have developed extensive proprietary models and automations to create an edge and reach continuous outperformance

The team has more than 30 years of experience working for Tier 1 investment houses including Rothschild, UBS and Ardian, and renowned companies such as Embraer, KPMG and Ernst & Young

We have worked on over GBP 150m investments into innovative businesses since 2016 and are growing at over 100% a year

We work very hard to offer what we believe is the future of investing

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