Altio allowed me to grow my business without adding up any staff and to access 3x times more sources of capital. Altio is supports my business giving me an edge

Super fast tech lending

Quicker & cheaper than equity

For companies with +GBP20k of monthly recurring revenue,
no EBITDA positive requirement

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Altio tech lending

Flexible debt financing that grows with you
- allows you to delay an equity fund raising
- get your R&D tax credit early
- provides loans to employees and to clients

Receive from 3 to 12 months of revenue in advance

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A.I. CFO as a Service

Preparing your company for funding can be a painful process

Altio has the tools to painlessly accelerate this process and select the right debt facility for your tech business

No need for a CFO and fund raiser

Altio allowed me to raise my financing super fast with little involvement from me. I'm finally free from the repetitive and frustrating process of fund raising

Altio helped to find an alternative way to finance my receivables when other lenders worried about lending to a tech business

Xenato Ribes,


John Lim,




Connect via API

and many more

No Banks
No Intermediaries
No Fund raisers

Altio provides the broadest array of debt financing available to European & US tech companies

Contract financing

Get funding from your subscriptions and R&D tax claim

Up to 9x Monthly Revenue (MR)

4 week execution time

Minimum dilution

Use of proceeds:
Working capital, funding sales

Long term lending

Replace your series with venture debt

from 1% a month

3 years

Up to 12x Monthly revenue (MRR)

4 week process (60hr process)

Minimum dilution

Automated SaaS monitoring

Use of proceeds:
Funding the cost of client acquisition (CAC)
Loan to employees
Loans to clients

AI CFO as a service

If you are not yet ready, Altio prepares your business to support venture debt

Get your KPIs ready for investors

Super fast fund raising

Interact with our experienced tech CFOs

Automate investor relations

Cheaper, No bureaucracy, No hidden agenda

Indicative Cost

Venture debt

10 - 15%

Contract financing


versus VC equity



Venture debt

3 years

Contract financing

6 months

versus VC equity

No maturity

Who we are

Altio is composed of fintech entrepreneurs who want to provide other entrepreneurs with the products and structuring previously only accessible to large corporations

We have worked in VC funds, startups and investment banks and have a great respect for the bootstrapped growth model. We work very hard to offer what we believe is the future of financing

The team has more than 30 years of experience working for Tier 1 investment houses including Rothschild, UBS, State Street, Mesirow, KPMG and Ernst & Young

We have deployed over GBP 100m to innovative businesses since 2016