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FLoC-ing Away

After Google announced FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts) a few weeks ago, very few actually flocked towards the new ad technology. FLoC is Google’s new ad tech that works by grouping you with other users based on similar browsing history and behaviour. All major browsers using open source Chromium have opted out of using FLoC so far, likely due to the fact that it places the burden of responsibility on browsers themselves. Their argument? This privacy-friendly solution is not actually very privacy-friendly, especially if implemented poorly.

Hey Siri, Find Apple's Competitive Behaviour

At its Spring Loaded Event, Apple unveiled AirTag, a location tracker for misplaced personal items. Using “Precision Finding” and leveraging the Find My network, Apple will enable iPhone users to find lost items with the help of haptics, sound, and visual feedback. However, not everyone was looking for an AirTag as Apple crept into a market pioneered and carved out by Tile, the leading lost item finder that works similarly to the AirTag. Tile has previously claimed that AirTags gave Apple a first-party advantage over competitors, with Apple responding by opening third party access to the “Find My” app. However, Tile, and other competitors, already have apps for users, and have no interest in having Apple as a middleman.

Funding African AgriTech

Founders Factory Africa is partnering with Small Foundation to select 18 agritech startups for incubation and acceleration. As part of the program, the selected startups will have access to funding from $100k-$250k, as well as support to build and scale their endeavours. What sets Founders Factory Africa apart is its hands-on approach to venture capital, helping startups develop beyond just a funding cheque. Altio sees great innovative and transformative potential for agritech in Africa, especially for rural SMEs.